Osimo is located on a hill about 10 km inland from the Conero Riviera. Its position makes it a perfect spot for those willing to admire the beauty of the central Marche region, from the Appennini Mountains to the coastline.

Either by public transport or by car you will end up at main parking area, here take the free cable railway to the historical centre where the Gardens of Piazza Nuova will offer you a really breathtaking panoramic view.

Taking a walk around this lovely town is a really pleasant experience. Between a visit at the Archaeological City Mueseum and the Cathedral of San Leopoldo, a relaxing break in a local bar or restaurant will make you appreciate the friendly and warm manners of locals wondering why they have been nicknamed "headless" people. Apparently it comes from 12 headless statues dating back to the 1st century BC and the 1st-2nd AD, currently displayed inside the Town Hall.

An absolute must-see is the underground town, a labyrinth of tunnels and caves carved out of sandstone by hand. They are open to the public for highly suggestive guided tours.

Osimo is a popular destination among catholic students since it is home to the Basilica-Sanctuary of San Giuseppe da Copertino (St Joseph of Copertino) the patron saint of students. It is possible to visit the crypt and the rooms where the Saint spent his last years.

The hamlet of Campocavallo, right outside Osimo, is well worth a visit for its Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine Addolorata where the miraculous painting of the Madonna Addolorata is kept and  treasured. Since 1939 every year on the first week-end of August the village celebrates the "Festa del Covo" (Wheat bale Fest), a very interesting festival where the local farmers build up a reproduction of some religious monument entirely out of wheat ears.

More info:
Tourist Information Offices - IAT
Via Fonte Magna, 12
Tel. (+39) 071 723 6088
Fax  (+39) 071 723 1554
Toll free number (from Italy) 800 228 800
Osimo City Counsil – Tourism Department
Piazza del Comune, 1 – 60027 Osimo (An)
Tel (+39) 071 724 9253 - Fax (+39) 071 724 9273
Toll free number (from Italy) 800 228 800

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