Undergrond caves of Osimo




A labyrinth of tunnels and caves carved out of sandstone await the visitor of the underground town: fascinating and mysterious artificial grottos winding underneath the town of Osimo.

This millenary underground town, set for sacred ceremonies and secret meetings has always been inspiring legends and local stories in different times, from Roman period through the Middle Ages till World War II.

Bas-reliefs, engravings and symbolic draws seem to indicate the presence of Templar Orders and guide the visitor  through a really sensational tour, full of history and esoterism.

Opening Times
From Tuesday to Sunday.
In the morning: 10.30 - 11.30
In the afternoon: 16.15 - 17:15 - 18.15
Monday closed.

More Info:
Tourist Information Offices - IAT
Tel. +39 071.7236088 - fax +39 0717231554
Toll-free (from Italy)  800.228800
iat@osimoturismo.it - www.osimoturismo.it

Osimo City Council – Tourism Department
Address: Piazza del Comune 1 – 60027 Osimo (An)
Tel +39 071.7249253 - Fax +39 071.7249273
Toll-free (from Italy) 800-228800
turismo@comune.osimo.an.it - www.comune.osimo.an.it

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