As rural village and hermits destination Polverigi started its development at the beginning of the second millennium when "The Castle" was built. Unfortunately only the arched gate survived until our days, the rest of the castle, walls, towers and battlements have been slowly taken in by the rest of the buildings.

In the last years Polverigi is synonymous of Villa Nappi, international meeting point of many artists gathering here for the performing art festival held every year at the end of June and known as Inteatro.

In September the streets of Polverigi are transformed into a scary haunted set in occasion of the festival named "La notte delle streghe" (the night of the witches). It's a sort of Halloween-themed night which take place every year since 1987, long before Italian kids took up the American tradition of celebrating the 31st of October.

More info:
Comune di Polverigi
Piazza Umberto I, 15
60020 Polverigi (An)
tel. (+39) 071 909 041 - fax (+39) 071 909 04222

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