Villa Nappi is the traditional summer residence of the noble families of the time, with L-shaped plan presenting a courtyard entrance and a large park with gardens in the rear.

The area of the complex that includes the villa, the church of "SS. Sacramento", a large park and an Italian garden under construction, is located on a hill near the historic center of Polverigi, where once stood an abandoned convent in early 800 and then sold to the Nappi family in 1849.

The church, which was sold to the Congregation of the SS. Sacramento, belongs to the parish property and retains much of the cultural heritage of the city. The park is home of events and nature walks, during which you can observe rare plants arranged according to the Renaissance tradition.

Since 1999, Villa Nappi hosts the “Inteatro Association”, which works to promote the dance and the theater of innovation. It is therefore a real "home for artists", one of the few Italian companies to provide spaces for the creation, learning and artistic expression.

The complex includes offices, conference rooms, rehearsal rooms and 11 rooms for guests who want to spend a creative and low cost holiday.

More info:
Villa Nappi
Via Marconi,75
Polverigi (AN)

Tel. +39 071 9090007

Fax +39 071 906326

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