San Michele and Sassi Neri




San Michele bay is one of the Conero Riviera gems set at the foot of Mount Conero. The beach, made of sand and gravel,  alternates free public areas to serviced ones.

The stunning view of the deep blue sea showing up amidst the green forest and the white sand always strike the eyes of  those who suddenly face it while walking down the steep paths leading to the beach.

The northern side of San Michele bay changes its name into Sassi Neri (black stones) due to the darker gravel found on the shoreline. This beach is wild and untouched, without any type of service, the ideal environment for nature lovers. It is also a surfing spot and a meeting point for scuba divers.

Type of Beach
white sand and gravel in San Michele, darker fine gravel in Sassi Neri

How to get there
On foot: from Sirolo center two steep paths take you down the beach, one starting from Via Giulietti and the other from Parco della Repubblica.

By bus: in summer a bus line runs daily from Sirolo Town Hall to the beach, check the time table in advance because it might not operate between noon and 3 pm.

More info:
Sirolo Tourist Information Office
Tel (+39) 071 93 30 611
Fax (+39) 071 93 38 098

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