La Vela




Set on the southern side of Portonovo bay, past the little church of Santa Maria di Portonovo lays this narrow strip of coastline, a wonderful retiring corner for those willing to escape the crowd of the main beaches.

La Vela - Italian for "the sail" - takes its name after the six-meter-high rock shaped like a sail, rising from the sea just a few meters off the shore. It is traditional for brave divers to climb its top and use it as a jumping spot. It is said one is not a real local if he has never jumped from la Vela, at list once in his life. If you feel like having a try, be extremely careful because it is easy to slip over and get injured.

The water here has incredible colors and the seabed made of stones and rocks makes it perfect for snorkeling and easy scuba dives but do not forget your wet shoes, rocks are very slippery!

La Vela beach is divided into two little coves, both totally unspoiled and without any kind of facilities. The first is longer and made of white cobbles and pebbles - rather uncomfortable to lay on - while the second is very small, with gravel and used to be a favourite destination for nudists.

Please be aware that the only passage linking the two coves goes over fallen rocks and it is extremely dangerous to walk on it. If you intend to visit the small cove, it is highly recommended to go by sea.

Tip: the best way to enjoy this area without taking any risk is renting out any type of un-powered craft like kayaks, pedal boats or rubber dinghies.

Beach type
Cobble, pebbles, rocks

How to get there
By car: take the "Strada Provinciale del Conero" direction Portonovo. At the destination roundabout follow the sign and take the downhill road. During summer there are only fee-paying parking lots and  they are often full as early as 10 am. A less expensive (when not totally free) parking place is located near the main roundabout. From here, a free shuttle bus will take you down the beaches.
GPS: geographic coordinates 43° 33' 52'' N 13° 35' 28'' E

By bus: summer bus line 94 connects Ancona to Portonovo directly. For timetable see this link.

More info:
Tourist Information Office Ancona
Via Gramsci, 2A
Tel (+39) 320 019 6321

Tourist Department, Municipality of Ancona
Via Podesti, 21
Tel (+39) 071 222 5065/5066/5067

Off-road paths info (only in Italian): 

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