"Urbani" beach



A locals favourite and one of the Conero Riviera’s most pictoresque beaches, Urbani is characterized by a natural sea cave - the Urbani Grotto. This crescent-shaped stretch of fine gravel backgrounded by a colorful cosy resort and the green Mediterranean scrub makes the perfect postcard scenario and a truly enchanting place for a perfect summer holiday.

Urbani beach is mostly serviced with the usual facilities and lovely seafood restaurants, the free stretch is not very big and during high season is often overcrowded.

Tip: avoid arriving late. The beach gets crowded quite early and the shadow will appear during the first hours of the afternoon, surely disappointing all the suntan seekers.

Type of beach
Sand, gravel.

How to get there
By car: it is highly inadvisable to bring your car down the beach since parking places are really scarce and rather expensive.

By bus: a summer bus line connects different areas of Sirolo to the Urbani beach.

If you feel like taking a walk downhill you can go on foot along the sharp turning road or take a shortcut through the forest paths.

More info:
Sirolo Tourist Information Office
Tel (+39) 071 93 30 611
Fax (+39) 071 93 38 098

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