Portonovo Bay is among the most famous tourist attractions not only of the Conero Riviera, but even of the entire Adriatic coast. It's located on the slopes of Mount Conero, where the mountain slip  into the sea with its wild nature, kissing a white pebble beach surrounded by a turquoise sea.

The success of Portonovo Bay is due to the intuition of some of the inhabitants of the Poggio, a small village near  Ancona and located just above the bay. They immediately realized the touristic potential of the area and opened the first trattoria in 1929. Today, their children and grandchildren carry on the tradition: the Portonovo beach is characterized by the presence of several bathing facilities and excellent fish restaurants where you can taste the famous Portonovo mussels, that are fished only in this part of the coast and are a delicacy of the local cuisine, protected by Slow Food. "Mosciolando" is a tasty event dedicated to these mussels and it’s held every year just in Portonovo Bay.

In addition to the beach equipped with umbrellas and sun beds, there are also three large public beach areas, all easily accessible.

For those willing to stay in Portonovo, you can book a room in one of three hotels in the Bay or in the campground located just by the sea.

Portonovo Bay offers tourists also two brackish water lakes, with a rich flora and fauna and very popular among birdwatchers.

You can also visit the outside of the Watchtower ("Torre De Bosis") that stands on the sea or the beautiful Church of Santa Maria di Portonovo, one of the most interesting examples of Romanesque architecture in central Italy and which is open during particular periods of the year.

Portonovo Bay is a unique place to visit if you are on vacation in the Conero Riviera.

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