Church of St. Leopardo




The Church of San Leopardo, is the cathedral of Osimo and is dedicated to the first bishop of the city, San Leopardo.

The building, erected between the eleventh and thirteenth century over a pagan temple, is a fine example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture in the Marche region, although it has suffered over the years from the numerous expansions and renovations.

The cathedral holds inside a crypt with the remains of San Leopardo, along with others of the early Christian martyrs of Osimo. Inside the cathedral you can admire a wooden crucifix which is linked to a miracle: it is said that on July 2, 1796, the crucified Christ, before the faithful gathered in prayer, opened his eyes and moved his lips.

The Cathedral of Osimo is placed in one of the highest points of the city; near it you can visit the Diocesan Museum of Osimo, which houses vestments, reliquaries, paintings and sculptures of religious nature. These include the Holy Cross of Bernini who, according to tradition, contains a splinter of the True Cross.

Visiting hours
Daily 8am to 12am / 3.30pm to 7pm.
Please do not visit the church during Mass celebration (9.30am to 11am / 6pm)

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