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The Cardeto Park is the largest city park in Ancona. It is a green lung in the heart of the city, easily accessible by anyone who happen to be strolling through the historic center.

Covering an area of about 35 hectares, it is located between Cardeto and Cappucini hills and offers a scenic stroll, with a very nice lookout over the sea. In 2010, the park was dedicated to Franco Scataglini, a well-known dialect poet of Ancona.

The Cardeto Park includes many buildings and places of historical interest, such as the "Jews’ Field" (with its 178 memorial stones from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century), the old lighthouse, the bastion of St. Paul, Fort Cardeto, the "Castelfidardo" Gunpowder and Fort of Cappuccini. Inside the park there is also the former barracks "Villarey", which today houses the Faculty of Economics ("Marche Polytechnic University").

The Cardeto Park takes its name from the hill of Ancona, so named because of the presence of the thistle plant, whose seeds are nourishment to the goldfinch, which in fact is the symbol of the park itself.

How to get there:
The park is accessible by car from Cardeto street, which is located near the former barracks Villarey. From here there is also a walking trail that goes into the park. The park can also be accessed from Cadore street.

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