Monument to the Fallen of the First World War




The Monument to the Fallen of the First World War is located in Piazza IV Novembre in Ancona, in the area of the Passetto, right at the end of Viale della Vittoria, a tree-lined avenue that connects this area with the historic center of the city.

The monument was inaugurated in 1930 and it is a typical example of Fascist architecture: white and impressive, it is made of Istrian stone and features a circular base topped with eight Doric columns. The architecture overlooks the sea, connected to it by two big stairways.

It is said that, seen from the sea, the building and its two staircases, seems to represent a soaring eagle.

For those visiting Ancona and the Conero Riviera, this is definitely a must see, just to take a look at the extraordinary panorama from the top of this structure, a destination for many citizens of Ancona, going downstairs here for sunbathing during their breaks in the summer days.

The War Memorial is located in the lush pine wood of the Passetto, a suitable place to relax, perhaps after having spent a morning at the beach beneath.

From here you can also start the city stroll called "from sea to sea," that will lead you from Passetto to Ancona harbor.

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