Numana, labelled as The Conero Lady, together with Camerano and Sirolo makes the three "guards" of Mount Conero. The town is set over two different areas and levels, Numana Bassa (Lower Numana) and Numana Alta (Upper Numana), each presenting different features.

Numana alta - uptown
This area is characterized by narrow streets, small shops, bars and some very fine restaurants. The buildings are mostly made out of traditional limestone coming from the nearby quarry on the Mount Conero today used as an openspace theater. The State Antiquarium is the local archaeological museum housing the most interesting finds coming from the nearby Picene necropolis, one of which "I Pini" is open to the public. More then 500 graves dating back to 9th century BC have been found in this area.
At the end of the main street, just behind the arch named "La Torre" - the only Medieval ruin in town -  the belvedere overhanging the marina it’s not to be missed: from here the whole southern side of the Conero Riviera and Adriatic coast open ups before the visitor’s eyes as an unforgettable postcard.
Going down "La Costarella" - a very picturesque stepped street - you can reach the marina and the lovely beach "La Spiaggiola". On the right side of the marina begins Numana bassa (downtown).
If you come to Numana in May do not miss the Fish Festival, a 3-day celebration with – of course – many seafood stalls, wine and music.

Numana bassa - downtown
Here the coastline changes dramatically: slopes and bays shaped by the sea strength around the headland of Mount Conero give way to a long stretch of golden sand where all kind of beach facilities are available.
An absolute must is dining in one of the numerous restaurants lined up along the road serving all kind of seafood in a variety of styles, from traditional local cuisine to the latest culinary innovations.

More info:
IAT Numana
Via Flaminia (on the corner with via Avellaneda, near the main parking site)
tel. (+39) 071 9330612
opening  hours:  09.30 - 13.30 / 14.30 - 18.00

IAT Marcelli
P.le delle Eolie (Marcelli di Numana)
tel. (+39) 071 7390179

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