Archealogical area "I Pini"



Since iron age, the area comprising Sirolo and Numana was a major Piecene center. Starting from the last decades of 6th century BC this area became one of the main ports along the Adriatic coast , a trading centre where loads of ceramics arrived from all parts.

The archaeological excavation  is in the area of Sirolo named "I Pini" and it is the only one in the region Marche where it is possible to visit a Picene necropolis.

In 1989 the so called "Sirolo Princess's grave" was  brought to light. The burial complex includes two carts and precious grave goods. With a diameter of 40 meters delimited by a 4 meter moat, it is the largest noble grave of the necropolis, attributable to the end of 6th century BC.
The majority of the many precious finds are exhibited at the State Antiquarium Musem of Numana.

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