Church of Jesus (Chiesa del Gesù)




The Church of the Gesù (Chiesa del Gesù) of Ancona is a must-see building in the city. Commissioned by Count Nappi in 1605, the building acquires its splendour in the eighteenth century, thanks to the work of Luigi Vanvitelli, who later will also work on two other architectures of the city: the Mole Vanvitelliana and Arch of Clementino.

The facade of the church is certainly very original, with its concave shape and the entrance that you can reach via a staircase forged in the shape of semi-ellipse, recalling the shape of Ancona harbour, which the church overlooks. Inside, the church has a Latin cross plan with a nave covered by a barrel vault with lunettes.

The building is not always open to the public, as it is still undergoing restoration.

While walking through the itinerary in Ancona historic centre, from the harbour to the Cathedral of Saint Ciriaco, this is a place we recommend to visit, also to take some nice pictures of the gulf of Ancona, thanks to the panoramic lookout which is located in Piazza Stracca, where the Church of the Gesù stands.

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