Dubbed "The pearl of the Adriatic", Sirolo is a charming little town immersed in the Mediterranean greenery of Mount Conero. Its picturesque alleys and medieval walls are really enchanting, especially in summer time when tourists animate the cosy shops and lovely terraces of the bars and restaurants surrounding the main square. Not to be missed the view from the balcony bordering the square, on clear days it is possible to admire the southern coastline for miles.

Sirolo beaches are absolutely breathtaking to say the least and, like all things beautiful and precious, a little bit hard to get. You will have to take the bus or walk all the way down the steep hill but once you are there the paradise open ups before you. "Le Due Sorelle" is a white stoney beach only accessible by sea, for this reason it has remained wild and without any facilities so bring your own food and drinks. During summer a boat service connects Le Due Sorelle with Numana, Marcelli and San Michele beach. The latter, together with "Sassi Neri" and "Urbani" are the others wonderful beaches of Sirolo.

Art lovers should visit the Church of St. Nicola from Bari in the main square of Sirolo and St. Pietro at Conero Abbey situated on top of the Mount Conero and built in the first years of 11th century. The adjacent Benedictine Monastery has been converted into a very classy hotel and restaurant.

During the warmest summer days a quick excursion on top of the Mount Conero becomes a superb refreshing break from the beach life and after a nice hike in the woods there is nothing more enjoyable then sipping an drink on the hotel bar, in front of another touching panoramic view.
It is possible to enjoy the nature also in the town center thanks to the lovely park situated on the left side of the street leading to the main square.

Another very interesting spot in Sirolo is the archeological area "I Pini". It is probably the most extensive Picene necropolis discovered in central Italy and dates back between the 4th and 6th century BC.

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Sirolo Town Hall
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