During the Middle Ages Agugliano was one of the twenty castles defending the town of Ancona. Right on the hills surrounding the  northern side of Ancona, Agugliano today is an interesting spot to visit during your holiday in the Conero Riviera, for a pleasant break to the usual beach life. It is also the ideal starting point for a tour along the the road of  "Terra dei Castelli" - Castles Land, discovering the castles which used to defend the towns of Ancona and Jesi.

Once you are around this area, don’t miss the small hamlet of Castel d'Emilio where the old castle still keeps its perimeter walls, the entrance and three towers.

During the first half of June Agugliano hosts the "Natural Ice Cream Festival" where more then twenty famous ice cream makers coming from all over Italy gather in the streets of the small town to promote the traditional freshly made ice cream offering the very best of their fantasious productions.

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