"Ancient Treasure of the Holy House" Museum




The 30 halls containing the masterpieces of the museum cover an area of 2,000 square meters in the Apostolic Palace located next to the Basilica. The Palace was built on a design by Bramante in 1507 and with the participation of many famous architects, including the famous Luigi Vanvitelli.
In the museum are preserved frescoes from the Basilica and paintings of great artists, including Lorenzo Lotto, who lived in Loreto during the last years of his life.

A dozen of the tapestries preserved here were made on cartoons or copying cartoons by Raffaello Sanzio.
The gallery section dedicated to contemporary art, founded in 1994, is regularly enriched with new acquisitions.

The Treasure of the Holy House is one of the peculiarities of the museum and is made up of precious votive golden works, escaped from the Napoleonic depredations in 1797 and theft in 1974.

The majolica collection of the ancient apothecary of the Holy House, considered one of the finest of its kind, is made up of hundreds of pieces crafted between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century and decorated with biblical and mythological scenes.

The furniture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, that adorn the rooms of the first floor and that in the past was the original furniture of the building, is also appreciale.

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