Museum of the Risorgimento




Opened in 1994, the Museum of the Risorgimento in Castelfidardo, is housed in the building Mordini and celebrates the famous battle of September 18, 1860, when the Piedmontese army fought in this town and  defeated the papal troops.

Here are preserved documents and artifacts donated by private collectors and other museums. The educational section consists of exhibition panels organized by topics that describe the events from the day of the battle to the surrender of Ancona that took place eleven days after: September 29, 1860. Four panels describe the battle of Castelfidardo with the movements of the two armies, until the resolution of the conflict and the subsequent act of surrender at Villa Musone, with final capitulation in Recanati.

The museum consists of three different structures: in addition to exposure, we find the area of the battle with the shrine that houses the bodies of the fallen on both sides and the National Monument of the Marche, one of the most impressive of its kind in Italy.

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Museo del Risorgimento
Via Mazzini, 5 Castelfidardo
Tel. 071 7206592
Fax 071 7829331

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