Offagna fortress




Offagna  fortress is one of the main and best preserved medieval fortresses in the Marche region.
Built in mid 15th century to defend Ancona against  attacks coming from the neighbouring  town of Osimo, is now hosting the Museum of Arms and various temporary exhibitions.

The fortress is set on a highly strategic position since it was built on top of a  very steep cliff overlooking the river Aspio, natural border between Ancona and Osimo.

Likewise all typical medieval fortifications, Offagna fortress futures a drawbridge and swallowtail battlements with evenly spaced out crenels.  In the center the fortified tower  stands over 30 metres high which served as residence for the castle’s owner and hosts the huge bronze bell dating back to 1447 with the image of St. George on  side and the Madonna with child on the other.

Opening times
from 25th April to 30th June and from 16th to 30th September: only Saturday and Sunday  10.00 – 12.00 and 16.30 - 19.30.

From 1st July to 15th September: every day 10.00 - 12.00 and 16.30 - 19.30.

Special openings  by booking in advance at +39 071 7107552 .

More info:
Pro-Loco Offagna: +39 071 7107552 / +39 071 7107578

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